2014 World Cup: Costa Rica Made History – The Power Of Passion

The Poll’s Legacy

At the 1987 Pan American Sports Games in Indianapolis (U.S.), Costa Rica’s swimmer Sylvia Poll Arenhs, at 16, acceptable 8 Pan American medals, abominable the world. The adolescent Costa Rican produced 3 gold (100-meter freestyle, 200-meter bathe and 100-meter backstroke), 3 argent (50-meter freestyle, 200-meter backstroke and 800-meter bathe relay) and 2 brownish (400-meter bathe broadcast and 400-meter assortment relay), a action bedeviled by swimmers from the United States (Kenny, 1988). In fact, she is one of the a lot of busy swimmers in Pan American history.

Because of her abundant achievement in the all-embracing meets, she was admired as the “Best Latin American Athlete of the Year” from 1987 to 1988 by acquisition top athletes such as Javier Sotomayor of Cuba, Diego Armando Maradona of Argentina and Ayrton Senna from Brazil (Valle, 1989). Previously, in 1986, she had won 8 gold medals in the type-Olympic Central American and Caribbean Games on Santiago de Caballeros (Dominican Republic). She retired from the action afterwards aggressive in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and her almsman was her sister,Claudia Poll, who again was admired common because of her Olympic achievement during the XXVI Summer Olympics on U.S. clay in 1996 (Guevara & Chaname, 1998).According to the country’s better Spanish-language bi-weekly La Nación, Germany’s Franziska van Almsick was the huge admired to win the Olympic trophy, but she did not win (Quesada, 1996).

Following a amazing achievement over Almsick in the Summer Games, Claudia became Latin America’s aboriginal changeable swimmer to accept an Olympic appellation by acceptable a gold badge in women’s 200-meter freestyle, putting action on the civic calendar for the aboriginal time in Costa Rica’s history (The Apple Almanac, 1997).

After these wins, the Central American republic of Costa Rica had not accession aeon of celebrity up to now if it afraid anybody by acceptable the appropriate to attempt in the quarterfinals of the 2014 Apple Cup in Brazil, acceptable one of the eight a lot of outstanding teams on Earth, alongside France, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the host team. For abounding canicule Costa Rica was the better adventure of Latin America’s bi-weekly and sports-oriented magazines.

Costa Rica: A Tiny Country With A Huge Passion

A autonomous country back the 1950s, Costa Rica is amid in the Central American Isthmus, amidst by two republics —Nicaragua and Panama— whose affection is baseball (Almanaque Mundial, 1999). Geographically, CR is one of the aboriginal countries in the Western Hemisphere with an breadth of 19,700 sq.mi.(The Apple Almanac, 1997). On the added hand, it has a citizenry of 4.8 actor inhabitants. San José is the country’s basic city.

Back in the 1950s, CR became the world’s aboriginal non-European/North American capitalism at a time if Latin America was bedeviled by aggressive dictatorships (Guevara & Chaname, 1998). Back the 1980s, it has emerged as a best of animal rights, democracy, women’s rights, and anatomy (one-fourth of the country’s acreage is nationally adequate as a wildlife sanctuary) on the apple stage, assuming icons such as Laura Chinchilla (Central America’s third changeable arch of state) and Oscar Arias Sánchez, the Nobel Prize champ for accord and above statesman.

Athletically, CR is a nation with all-embracing wins in sports such as pond and soccer.

CR: one of the World’s Top Eight Teams

Prior to aggressive in the 2014 Apple Cup, CR’s ancillary was a abstruse aggregation aural Latin America, admitting accepting competed in four editions of the FIFA Apple Cup amid 1990 and 2014— ambience a Central American almanac that no aggregation from that arena has beaten. In accession to getting a three-time Olympic band (Moscow’80, Los Angeles’84 & Athens’04) and four-time Apple Cup competitor, CR aswell has played in added above all-embracing events, including the Copa America (or South American Championship), Concacaf Gold Cup, Under-17 and Under-20 Apple Championships.

Costa Rica able for Brazil 2014 afterward a achievement 2-1 over Mexico in the Costa Rican basic of San José in backward 2013, finishing runner-up to America in the Concacaf Apple Cup Qualifying, a part of 35 countries and dependencies —like Montserrat (UK), Aruba (Holland) and the US Virgin Islands. In Brazil, CR performed an amazing comeback.

During its admission in the 2014 Apple Cup, the aggressive band of Costa Rica denticulate a abruptness win over Uruguay, in one of the atomic accepted wins in Brazil. Before accident 3-1 to CR the South American republic of Uruguay was the abundant favorite. Then, the pre-tournament admired Italy was accession victim of Costa Rica’s band as they were defeated 1-0 at Recife’s Pernambuco Stadium, Brazil. Subsequently, the Costa Rican ancillary had a draw (0-0) with the able band of England, claiming the top atom in Group D and condoning for the knock-out stages of the 2014 Apple Cup. Afterwards scoring four goals with alone 1 denticulate adjoin them in the aboriginal round, they began accepting cogent absorption for their feat. However, added hasty still was CR’s 1-0 achievement adjoin Greece (second round) acknowledgment to an amazing achievement by Keylor Navas (CR’s goalie turned-national hero afterwards that game), accepting its abode in the quarterfinals. With their affection and adulation for Costa Rica, they accept agitative admirers all over the world…

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